07 February 2010

Paper Stump

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- Paper (can be any, but I find the best is regular copy paper)

- Scissors

- Tweezers

- Chopstick (Japanese)/pencil/paintbrush

- Toothpick/needle/paper clip


Cut your paper into a rectangle of about 1:4.


Fold the corners down to form two triangles on both sides of the rectangle. The folds should create a parallelogram.


Open the folds and cut along the creases.


Starting at one of the two corners with acute angles, roll the paper around your chopstick/pencil/paintbrush. Unroll.


Starting at the same point used previously, roll the corner over a needle to create a smaller spiral. You can unroll or simply pull the needle out. This small corner is going to be the tip of your paper stump.


Roll the paper all the way up.


Stick the pointy end of your chopstick/pencil/paintbrush into the top part* of your paper stump, pushing the paper out of the other end. It should start creating a point.

* The top is the end with the flap of paper. Do not let go of this flap, or the entire thing will unroll.

You will most likely need to use something smaller to get the point. The best thing to use is a toothpick. I used a straightened-out paperclip (couldn't find my toothpicks!).


If necessary, use the tweezers to pull the point out more.


Use the chopstick/pencil/paintbrush to push the top inward, starting with the flap (so it doesn't unravel).



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