13 May 2011

Stir Boil/Stir Fry: Boiling Instead of Frying

My ingredients:
* chicken boob
* broccoli
* snap peas
* onions
* soy sauce

Time: About ten minutes start to finish.

001 - Put water in a pot and add soy sauce. Put stove on high.

002 - Chop the broccoli and chicken; make sure the chicken is thin enough to cook.

003 - Add soy sauce to chicken and mix evenly.

004 - Add snap peas and chopped broccoli to the water after it starts boiling. Turn stove to medium if necessary.

005 - Chop onion.

006 - When the broccoli and snap peas have cooked long enough that they are soft, add the chicken. (Swirl and separate chicken if they clump together.)

007 - After the chicken is fully cooked, add the chopped onions for a couple minutes. Don't cook them too long, or they will get soggy and lose their flavour.

008 - Turn stove off, and drain water from mixture (strainer is helpful).

009 - Put onto plate or into bowl, add some extra soy sauce and mix it up.

010 - Enjoy!

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