13 October 2011

A Guide to Basic Colour Theory

  • 001 Colour Wheels
  • - Colour scheme, colour wheels, how to use a colour wheel, scientific colour theory vs. artistic colour theory
  • 002 Vocabulary
  • - Hue, saturation, neutral colours, value - HSV vs. HSL, tint & shade (tones), warm & cool colours (colour temperature), relativity
  • 003 Types of Colours
  • - Primary colours, secondary colours, tertiary colours, in-between colour names
  • 004 Colour Schemes with the Colour Wheel
  • - Complementary colours, analogous colours, split complementary colours, split analogous colours, monochromatic colour scheme, triadic colour scheme, tetradic or quadratic colour scheme
  • 005 Colours and Their Associations
  • - Red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue-green (teal/turquoise), indigo (blue-purple/blue-violet), purple (violet), black, white, grey

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