24 August 2011

A Guide to Basic Visual Composition: Helpful Information


By simplifying your image, it's much easier for the viewer to focus on the items which are supposed to be focused on. The background in the image below is simply texture so the viewer focuses on the sailor girl and anchor:

sailor girl woman female stripes striped stripped cute kawaii nautical anchor aceo atc art card simplify simple composition art


By blurring out those objects which are unimportant or are located in the background or foreground of the image, more attention is brought to the focal points. The hair is blurred out in the image below to bring focus to the face:

female woman girl black and white pencil sketch graphite lead blue blurring


By framing your image, you can bring the focus to the important elements. The trees frame the image below:

landscape skyscape mountains trees sun moon red blue purple black shooting falling star frame framing

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