24 August 2011

Guide to Basic Visual Composition: The Rule of Space

The Rule of Space says that an object in motion will remain in motion unless acted on by an outside force should have more space in the direction it is moving than behind.


The image below can be taken two ways: Either Sailor Moon has more space behind her (where her hair is) because she was moving forward, but stopped to move backwards a little, or she is moving forward and her hair counts as part of her.

sailor moon serena tsukino usagi rule of space motion movement aceo atc art card

This next one has a bit more space in front than behind. It is also more noticeable because 6DEBA casts a shadow and because of the perspective and hill.

robot 6deba walking aceo atc art card rule of space movement motion

The next one is pretty much straight forward.

magical humpback whale rule of space movement motion

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